The HOT Plan™: Toys, Entitlement or Culture? Part 2


With an overflowing box of employee benefits designed to help companies compete for top talent today, the question arises: how do you cultivate great workplace culture without simultaneously creating a culture of entitlement?

We found the answer to this question by asking each team to write Cultural HOT Targets. HOT Targets are The HOT Plan’s system of creating goals with precision, clarity and benchmarks of accomplishment.

Cultural HOT Targets (Cultural HOTs)

Cultural HOTs consist of team projects that involve people caring for people. Cultural HOT guidelines foster others-centered thinking by encouraging teams to look for ways they can deliberately serve or celebrate others.

Others-centered thinking and service projects by teams act as a powerful antidote for entitlement.

Each of our HOT Teams at Pitsco are asked to come up with two cultural targets each year: one relating to the internal community of our company and one relating to the external communities to which we belong.

Cultural HOTs are authentic. Our teams submit Cultural HOTs for everything from staff baby showers to hosting company holiday parties for employee children and grandchildren. Pitsco teams have also used Cultural HOTs to reach out to community food drives, assist domestic violence shelters, participate in scholarship fundraisers, and build floats for holiday parades.

Cultural HOTs create value. In our earlier blog posts, we explored production targets – Operational Targets and Above-And-Beyond Targets – which are easy to measure. Cultural Targets are harder to quantify, so the number of man-hours it takes to carry out service projects are used to set a point-value for the completed projects. Points from Cultural HOTs are added into a company-wide bonus pool, just like production targets, creating measurable value for these types of projects. The value of the team-bonding and community good-will fostered by Cultural HOTs, however, is beyond measure.

If you like the idea of creating Cultural HOT Targets in your workplace but have no idea where to begin, simply ask your employees. Employees quickly grasp the concept of Cultural HOTs and will often surprise you with their creativity and enthusiasm for these types of targets. They will lead the way.

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