The HOT Plan™: Toys, Entitlement or Culture? Part 1


How do you create great workplace culture without simultaneously creating a culture of entitlement?

There is scarcely a hotter topic in business today than workplace culture. Interest in culture is fueled by many forces, among them the rising demands of millennials for a more humanized workplace. Like too many toys in a toy box, however, luxury benefits such as unlimited vacation days, free gourmet food, complimentary massages, and concierge services — offered by some well-funded corporate giants — are creating a sense of entitlement among some job seekers. Luxury benefits are great for businesses who can afford to offer them, but an “entitlement” mindset is something no business needs. How can we promote great workplace culture without encouraging entitlement?

To get at the heart of this, we must “Begin at the beginning”, as Lewis Carroll once said. Back to square one: what is great culture really all about?

Great organizational culture is not about the “toys.” Great organizational culture is about meaning and purpose.

Although luxury benefits attract talent and increase value, benefits and increased value are the end results, not the beginning point, of great culture. The starting point of great culture is people caring for people. If you want to develop great workplace culture this is where you, too, must begin.

Encourage an others-centered culture to grow by putting cultural goals on target and rewarding their accomplishment.

Cultural HOT Targets are dedicated to specifically enhance the quality of life in the internal community of your business and in the external communities to which your business belongs. Cultural HOTs can be directed internally or externally; they can be local or global. Cultural HOT Targets provide bonding opportunities among staff members through accomplishing service work together, supporting each other in practical ways, and sharing meaningful celebrations of what has been accomplished.

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