The Hot Plan™: The secret sauce in your Ethos


Ethos. Now that’s an intriguing word.

Ethos is defined as the spirit of a culture; the underlying values that inform the beliefs and practices of a group; the dominant assumptions that motivate their aspirations and guide their plans.

If your company desires a workplace culture that keeps talent loyal and multiplies your success, take a look at the ethos of your company. Although ultra-rich benefit packages, exciting contests, and high-end salaries are influential in attracting talent, these things alone don’t ensure that your workforce will be loyal and highly-engaged.

I never really thought about the ethos of my company until I was writing about HOT Targets in my book, The Hot Plan™. HOT Targets seemed like a simple subject to write about, but I found myself struggling with it. After nearly 20 years of using the HOT Plan, HOT Targets had become so much more than just a different way to write our goals. Then the reality of what had happened hit me.

HOT Targets had become part of the very ethos of our company.

What do I mean by that? As a part of our ethos, HOT Targets now contribute to the very spirit of our culture; they facilitate communication between all levels of our organization. Targets help us respect each employee’s intelligence and reward each employee’s hard work. HOT Targets also empower our employees with real responsibility. We use HOT Targets to organize every project, stay focused on our goals, and help us celebrate when we hit the bull’s-eye. Simply put, today at Pitsco, we think in targets. HOT Targets made their way into the ethos of our company for one very simple reason: they work.

It’s been rumored in our community that there is some kind of “secret sauce” at work in our company, and we think it’s the HOT Targets in our ethos. If you use HOT Targets correctly, we’re betting you’ll add some of that secret sauce of success to your ethos, too.

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