The HOT Plan™: The Right Person for the Job


As we mentioned in our last blog, The HOT Plan views supervisors as coaches.  Three of Pitsco’s great coach/supervisors introduced in our previous post are Nancy, Tim, and Tom. Over the next several posts we asked these three to share what qualities they look for in potential leaders. Today’s question focuses on what makes a person right for the job.

The Right Person for the Job

So what qualities provide the raw material for a good supervisor?

If you ask Nancy, Director of Educator Insights, her usual reply is that she considers what kind of boss she would like for her son to have. Her son is still in his 20s and just starting his career life. She aspires to be the kind of supervisor that she wishes for her son – a supervisor that sees potential and works to cultivate it.

Supervisors must be able to cultivate the leadership potential in others.

If you ask Tim, Machine Shop and Plastics Assistant Supervisor, he will tell you that being the best supervisor in his area of work means being able to be an effective hands-on leader. “I don’t feel like I am the typical supervisor,” Tim says. “I am a working supervisor in a machine shop so I work right alongside my guys. Since my mentor and former department head, Frank, retired, it is up to me to mentor the newer employees.”

If you ask Tom, Communication Manager, he says one of the primary qualities of a good communications supervisor is ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and their roles are right for them in a way that optimizes the team’s success.

“It’s critical for the supervisor to get input from everyone on the team when creating the HOT goals (HOTs),” Tom says. “The supervisor must also help define roles and make sure employees are working in the role best suited for them.”

To summarize, Nancy, Tim and Tom say that HOT Plan supervisors must be observant, target driven, able to cultivate the potential of each member of the group, and able to make sure that team member roles are clearly defined and suit them well. 

From my position as a CEO, I have two more observations. Excellent supervisors have many traits in common, but the traits that help them move the locus of responsibility from their shoulders to their team members are the traits that are critical to the success of the company.  Also, never forget that since supervisors work so closely with team members, supervisors become the primary one-on-one transmitters of your company culture and values. It is therefore critical for CEOs to know their supervisors well.

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