The HOT Plan™: The Gifts of Accountability, Part I


When there is work to be done, somebody has to be accountable for it, or nothing much gets accomplished. But in some organizations, nobody wants to be the one held accountable. And to be honest, who can blame them?

But if workplaces offer well-designed processes and support their staff generously, accepting accountability is a different story. In fact, employees in these types of organizations are sometimes eager to step up to more responsibility because it signals a pathway to promotion.

Positive Accountability is not only an asset to the company, but also a gift to the employees.

Beyond being a pathway for promotion, Positive Accountability offers four more gifts: the locus of responsibility; the matrix of support; the closure of a deadline; and the satisfaction of rewards.

The first two gifts of accountability

  1. The Locus of Responsibility – True accountability requires shifting the locus of responsibility for accomplishment from management to employees, where it belongs. This means that employees know what is expected of them and have input into how they will get it done. They also have the authority to solve problems that arise and use their creative ideas to find better ways to accomplish their tasks. Transferring the locus of responsibility to employees gives the gift of empowerment.
  2. The Matrix of Support – If you want the best from your employees and also want your employees to be highly accountable, undergird their work with a robust matrix of support. What is a matrix of support? The answer is found when you think about resources in the broadest sense. A robust matrix of support involves more than a budget. A strong matrix of support includes generous timelines, knowledge resources and the manpower needed to accomplish the task at hand by deadline. In the long run, it also means offering continuing education and providing the best tools you can afford – from office supplies to shovels, from computers to CAD software. Positive Accountability provides the gift of support.

Positive Accountability exists when there is a true partnership between employees and employers. This type of accountability unlocks the genius and talent of your employees and sets up an efficient workflow in your company.

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