The HOT Plan™: Teams and the well-rounded life


Being well-rounded has a positive ring to it.

If your aim is to give 100% at work, yet still make time for yourself, your family and friends, volunteer, and your spiritual life, kudos to you! You are probably well on your way to a well-rounded life.

Why is it so important to be well-rounded?

Being well-rounded, according to conventional wisdom, brings out the best in us and helps us avoid the pain of emotional and physical burnout. The same is true for your company.

To bring out the best in your company, use teams to help your company be well-rounded. Make departments into teams and create temporary task forces for work that falls between the cracks.

At Pitsco, The HOT Plan™ uses teams from top to bottom to get work done. Tribal Council provides executive leadership, interdepartmental HOT teams carry out cross-company initiatives, departmental HOT teams fulfill department responsibilities, and task forces take on temporary initiatives. This brings out the best in our organization.

Departments as teams

Department-based HOT teams are long-term teams that carry out the work specific to the departments. In the early days of The HOT Plan, we didn’t use department teams, but we soon discovered that we needed them. Each of the departments at Pitsco work with their supervisors to develop HOT Targets. Supervisors tell us that departments are more efficient when they are set up as teams. Turning departmental tasks into HOT Targets makes the supervisor’s job much easier, they say. HOT Targets give clear direction and build-in benchmarks to indicate that work is accomplished. That transparency builds trust between supervisors and team members.

Task forces as teams

Short-term tasks are best carried out by task forces. Task-forces are perfect for putting the strength of teamwork behind a complex but temporary job. We recently used a task force to update our Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. New PCI regulations affected security and therefore, all departments. Once the new regulations were put in place across the company, the task force dissolved. The task force gave a way to comply with the new regulations without piling more on an employee whose plate was already full.

Effective business teams are not an add-on to the main structure of your organization. Instead, they serve best when embedded deeply in the way you get things done — in your very organizational culture. A full slate of teams sets your company on the pathway to a happy and well-rounded organizational life.

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