The HOT Plan™: Targeting Above-and-Beyond Productivity.


Above and Beyond.

What does it really mean?  What does it mean to your business?

To some, it means to exceed what a particular job requires, to reach new heights in productivity. To others, it means to innovate, to pioneer new processes, to explore new areas of development.

All companies have a few employees who go above and beyond in their accomplishments. But who wouldn’t love to have a company full of them?

Hiring one above-and-beyond employee may be a matter of luck. But a company full of above-and-beyond employees is no lucky accident. To get these results, above-and-beyond thinking must be placed on target.

Above-And-Beyond HOT Targets create a system that invites exceptional performance.

While Operational HOTs address the basic work requirements in an organization, Above-and-Beyond HOTs address aspirations.

Above-and-Beyond Targets arise from a team’s determination to exceed requirements, to stretch themselves, and to enter a new sphere within their area of expertise. We encourage teams at all levels of the organization to be creative as they develop Above-and-Beyond HOTs. When teams create Above-and-Beyond HOTs, they commit to contribute in an exceptional way.

Above-and-Beyond HOT guidelines prompt questions like these:

  • What new service could we provide to customers or to other departments?
  • What new process can we implement that will multiply our team’s efficiency?
  • How can we increase our company’s visibility and boost customer satisfaction?

Asking teams to think of ways they can go above-and-beyond the normal routine of their work might sound vague, but this type of request opens the doors of imagination and engages the highest levels of creative thinking. Once employees know you welcome their most ambitious ideas and take them seriously, fresh thinking abounds.

Sadly, many companies never benefit from this overflow because they fail to invite employees to engage above-and-beyond thinking; in fact, some companies even shun employee input. This is a sad fact when you consider that employees are any organization’s best resource for above-and-beyond thinking. I strongly suggest that supervisors and team leaders mine this valuable resource by using Above-and-Beyond HOTs to invite and implement employee suggestions.

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