The HOT Plan™: Supervisors as Coaches


Every team needs a coach and work teams are no exception. In the HOT Plan, supervisors are the coaches of their teams. According to legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, teams who win like champions require more than talent.

“The secret to winning,” Landry said, “is constant, consistent management.”

In The HOT Plan, we view our employees as leaders and our supervisors as coaches. Three great coaches from our STEM Education company Pitsco are Nancy, Tim, and Tom. Over the next several posts, we have asked Nancy, Tim and Tom to share their best tips for achieving the constant, consistent management that Landry describes.

Meet the Coaches

First, let me introduce you to Nancy, Tim and Tom. The departments they supervise are very different, but as supervisor/coaches they have a common focus: to motivate, inspire, and lead their teams to success.

Nancy joined the Pitsco family 24 years ago as a secretary and has ascended through numerous roles to her current position as Director of Educator Insights. She now leads a team that analyzes market trends, conducts focus groups, interprets qualitative and quantitative data from customers, and collects internal information through employee questionnaires and surveys. She is also the team recorder for Tribal Council (our executive leadership team) and the team leader for a HOT Team.

Tim joined Pitsco 24 years ago as an employee in the Synergistic warehouse and is now the Machine Shop and Plastics Assistant Supervisor – a small, tightly focused division of Pitsco that acts as a short-run production company for curriculum product orders. Tim coordinates the workflow of the machine shop, watches over the HOT Targets (HOTs), and invents better ways to make products regularly. He works alongside his employees both as a supervisor and as a mentor, seeking to help them grow as machinists as they partner to produce the products needed by students who use the Pitsco curriculum modules.

Tom joined Pitsco 18 years ago to edit curriculum and has served in numerous writing, coding, and publication capacities throughout the company. As Communications Manager, Tom now supervises all Pitsco publications, grant funding research, the editing department and media relations. He oversees Pitsco’s four external publications – The Pitsco Network magazine and three newsletters: Rising Stars, Global Pitsco Network, and SySTEM Alert! – along with an internal newsletter, The Pit Stop. He also oversees the content for the company intranet pipeline. Tom serves as captain of one HOT Team, cocaptain of another, and recorder on a third team.

These three supervisors shine like stars in our company. But how did we find them? Nancy, Tim and Tom will share their insights on the qualities they look for in potential leaders in our next post.

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