The HOT Plan™: Respect individuals but work in teams


What is The HOT Plan™? The HOT Plan™ is a proven system for getting things done in your business or organization. The system sets the stage for great workplace culture and provides a proven framework for success.  The plan respects individual employees yet is team-based.

Why team-based? The HOT Plan™ is team-based because most people perform better on teams. When teams are done right, the team members fire each other up to accomplish more together than they can individually. Teams also help each other burn through any obstacles along the way.

A well-assembled team magnifies the strengths of its individual members, like a precision lens. Individuals flourish on teams because of a team’s synergistic ability to multiply creativity, motivation, and problem-solving skills.

First Steps with The HOT Plan™: establish a leadership team

To set a HOT plan in motion for your business, you must first select and establish a strong leadership team. The leadership team should be made up of executive C-staff and possibly the heads of some departments. This team does the executive work together. The executive team develops the annual broad goals/targets and key initiatives for your organization, and provides the oversight to see that the goals/targets are accomplished. At Pitsco, we call our leadership team the Tribal Council.

The Tribal Council at Pitsco literally runs the company

To be on Pitsco’s Tribal Council isn’t a position for the faint of heart. Although the company is guided by a long-term vision, it’s the Tribal Council that ensures that the vision is carried out. To do this, Tribal Council meets every Monday for a two-hour planning/reporting session, and doubles that meeting time every other Monday.  Tuesday through Friday the same group checks in with each other for a 15-minute standup meeting just before lunch.

Why all these meetings? The Tribal Council sees the urgency to communicate with clarity. Once the direction for the company’s must-win challenges is set for the upcoming year, communication becomes the oxygen for The HOT Plan™; it keeps things breathing, alive and active. Setting the direction and communicating with clarity are both essential to an effective team-based system. For the Tribal Council, that makes meetings a top priority.

The Tribal Council sets up other teams as well. Team members are chosen based on their expertise in diverse areas of the company. Departments are also operated as teams in The HOT Plan™.

The HOT Plan™ begins with an active, executive leadership team, and other teams quickly follow.

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