The HOT Plan™: Looking for a Champion?


For any cause to succeed, it must have a champion.

But what type of champion? Perhaps the first image that comes to mind is a champion athlete with a handful of gold medals and a room full of trophies. But when it comes to the success of a cause, we’re looking for a different sort of champion.

The champion we’re referring to is “a person who fights for or defends any person or cause. The champion of a cause is the one who takes personal interest in defending or promoting the idea, using everything within his or her power to make sure it succeeds.

Ideas without champions languish and are often tossed overboard into a sea of good intentions.

Creating great workplace culture is like that. Without a system and a champion, your initiative is likely to be a passing phase. That’s why we advocate The HOT Plan™ — a proven system for creating incredible team-based culture and productivity. But even with a time-tested system backed by research like The HOT Plan, your cultural initiative cannot deliver at peak efficiency without a champion.

In The HOT Plan, the HOT Champion is officially the administrator and program director. The HOT Champion directs all the moving parts of the program and keeps up with the record keeping and communication.

A HOT Champion’s responsibilities include:

  • Communication of the annual Must-Win Challenges, Key Initiatives, and HOT Targets to all members of the organization.
  • Oversight of the mechanical aspects of the program – approving or coordinating the approval of HOT Targets, and points; tracking deadlines and awarding/denying points appropriately; extending deadlines upon appeal; posting results or making sure they are posted for transparency with all employees.
  • Publishing updated records regularly and making them available for staff, creating and publishing monthly or quarterly reports in company publications and online for employee access.

Administrators of program details work quietly in the background, but it’s the HOT Champion that holds the key to success for your team. Without someone keeping the wheels turning, all of the momentum in your HOT Plan could grind to a screeching halt just when things begin to take off.

We resisted the idea of placing this much responsibility in the hands of one person when we first began The HOT Plan but soon discovered that the administration of the plan simply works best when it is coordinated by one person with a comprehensive understanding of the organization. It’s important for your culture champion to hold a neutral administrative position in your company that also gives them a comprehensive view of operations. Finding someone who can do all of this might sound impossible, but as long as some responsibilities can be shifted off your employee’s schedule in order to make time for administrating your HOT Plan, there is probably someone on your staff right now who can do the job.

For more information about HOT Champions and “practical how-to’s” for running a killer HOT Plan program in your organization, pick up a copy of my new book, The HOT Plan, available here in eBook, softcover, and color hardback versions. For special bulk pricing (10 or more books), please visit Follow us on Twitter (@thehotplan) and Facebook, or visit for more details about The HOT Plan.

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