The HOT Plan™: Cultivate a Culture of Leadership


As a CEO and entrepreneur, considering the idea of what it means to cultivate a company of leaders takes me outside of the province of the marketplace. The idea leads me first to consider my employees, and the particular gift that lies within each individual person.

I believe that every person is endowed with something special and unique to give to the world. Sometimes it’s hard for people themselves to believe that they are gifted in this way, and many never grasp nor fully develop their gift, or attempt to follow it wherever it may take them.

This is sad to me, because in my observation, those who are happiest and most empowered to make a positive difference in the world are those who develop and embrace their gifts.

Further, those who take the risks needed to discover, develop and use their gifts for the betterment of mankind are, in my opinion, leaders of the highest order, regardless of their job description, salary or rank.

We have a phrase we sometimes use around Pitsco. We refer to ourselves as a company of leaders. It has a nice ring to it, you must admit. But honestly, what does the phrase really mean? In any organization or even in society as a whole, to whom does leadership actually belong?

Leadership is not the sole property of business executives, rousing speakers, or revolutionaries.

Leadership operates on a day to day basis; leadership is all around us. Leadership is exercised when someone pushes beyond what is expected, accepts the locus of responsibility to make something happen and uses their gifts for the betterment of others. These traits exist in every station of society.

In the marketplace, however, natural leadership — and personal gifting — is either quashed or cultivated. Some executives are naturals at cultivating leadership, but consistency across all levels of a company culture requires more than the inborn skills of a chosen few. Consistent success in the cultivation of leadership requires a system.

The HOT Plan™ is a time-tested system that cultivates a culture of leadership. This is accomplished through a system that gives place to individual input, maximizes team synergy, uses laser-focused targets and offers bonus rewards. The HOT Plan builds an organizational culture that empowers employees to accept the locus of responsibility for their work and rewards them for assuming the risks of accountability.  It is this sweet spot of responsibility and accountability that attracts and cultivates a spirit of leadership in any group of people.

Most CEOs and administrators quickly admit that they can’t do it all. A CEO’s primary responsibility is to give oversight to the entire organization and keep things on track. But to actually turn your company’s vision into reality requires more than the executive leaders in the C-suite; it requires an entire company of leaders.

For more about a Company of Leaders and how to help employees find their gifting in your company, pick up a copy of my new book, The HOT Plan™, available here in eBook, softcover, and color hardback versions. For special bulk pricing (10 or more books), please visit Follow us on Twitter @thehotplan or FaceBook, or visit for more details about The HOT Plan™.

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