HOT Tips for Success #9: Train supervisors to be coaches


Every team needs a coach and teams at work are no exception. Do you want to have winning teams? Train your supervisors to be winning coaches. According to the legendary Dallas Cowboy’s coach Tom Landry, teams who continuously win require more than talent.

“The secret to winning,” Landry said, “is constant, consistent management.”

In The HOT Plan™, constant, consistent management is provided by the supervisors. Three of our Pitsco supervisor/coaches are Nancy, Tim, and Tom. Though their departments differ greatly, each of them coach their teams to success.

Supervisors sit at the hub of influence in your company. They are on the front lines of communicating your vision and your key initiatives. 

What are the qualities of a good supervisor/coach?

Nancy, director of educational insights, says she models herself after the type of supervisor who would be ideal for her son. Her son, a young adult in his 20s, benefits most from a long-view of success. With this in mind, in addition to day-to-day coaching, Nancy leads her team in reading business books and sharing key learnings as a team. This keeps the big picture in view.

Tim, director of our short-run manufacturing machine shop, says that a good coaching supervisor in the machine shop must be hands-on. The supervisor/coach must work alongside those he leads.

“I don’t feel like a typical supervisor,” Tim says. “I am a working supervisor. I work alongside my guys. When our former department head retired, it became my turn to mentor. Frank coached me; now I coach them. ”

Tom, communications manager, says it’s all about communication. Tom believes his greatest power as a coach is to make sure that employees are playing the right position on the team. “One of the primary qualities of a good communications supervisor is gathering information and feedback from everyone,” Tom says, “And helping them define and succeed in their roles.”

Supervisors Nancy, Tim and Tom produce winning teams, year after year. Take care of your supervisors; they are coaching your team to success.

Hot Tip 9. Train supervisors to be coaches.

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