Ten HOT Tips for Success 7. Know why your work is worth doing


Taking the Next Step.

In the last post, we talked about creating ways for employees to see the end results – to witness how the product or service they help provide changes lives for the better. Seeing their positive impact increases ownership and motivation for any team – whether in business, sports, education, or non-profit service. But once your team members see their end results, what is the next step?

“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well,” according to Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield.

Most of us focus on the last part of Stanhope’s famous quote, on the need to do a job well. But the secret is in the first six words.

Work Worth Doing

“Whatever is worth doing at all . . .”  Therein is the cornerstone of the Earl of Chesterfield’s wisdom. Is what we are employed to do worth doing at all? The answer to this is critical.

Knowing that work is worth doing produces sustainability. In the classroom, knowing that knowledge is worth knowing motivates learning. On the athletic field, knowing that practice drills are worth repeating produces endurance.

At Pitsco Education, we communicate that our work is worth doing by choosing three to five Must-Win Challenges each year and using The HOT Plan™ system to communicate them and get everyone’s input on how to meet the challenges. Throughout the year we regularly communicate our progress and celebrate the victories together. Every January, we reward everyone with a cash bonus that they earned together. In this team-based environment, everyone has  a stake in the outcome, gives input in the process, and feels ownership of the results.

Your work is worth doing. How will you communicate that to your teams? Be bold in telling stories of how and where your work is making a difference.

HOT Tip 7. Never underestimate the power of making sure that your team knows why their work is worth doing.

For more information about ways to let teams know that their work is worth doing, pick up a copy of my new book, The HOT Plan, available here in eBook, softcover, and color hardback versions. For special bulk pricing (10 or more books), please visit www.pitsco.com/The_Hot_Plan. Follow us on Twitter (@thehotplan) and Facebook, or visit www.thehotplan.com for more details about The HOT Plan.

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