HOT Tips for Success: #5. Teams shift success in high gear

A well-assembled team is like a precision lens: it magnifies the strengths of its individual members.

In short, there’s a sort of magic to teams. Because teams bring together people with different skills from across the organization, they have the diversity and agility to get at those places in organizations that individual players find difficult to reach.

RD_Hands_1115In addition, teams have synergy. Synergy is the “magic” we spoke of earlier. When synergy fires off and the team hits their stride, the team becomes a living example of the classic truism,  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle)

The need for teams is expanding rapidly. A revolution of sorts is taking place in the world of work. The need for increasingly specialized knowledge in the global marketplace requires teamwork. Teams were a good idea in the past; but they are more than a good idea now. They are a necessity.

We long ago recognized that the synergy of teamwork is superior to silos of individualism.

The HOT Plan program – top to bottom – is team-based.  Teams are deeply embedded in our organization at Pitsco. Two decades before it was popular, we began shifting to teams simply because teams work.

The power of the team approach came into sharp relief once again for us when we recently launched a new product. The HOT Team we assembled for the launch was composed of a representative from key departments across the company. Since each department had representatives on the HOT Team, immediate communication between departments was available for any challenge. Excitement grew as the company coordinated and planned the launch together with unity and precision. When launch day came, the product was a success right out of the gate, and our company was ready to deliver. Not only was the launch highly successful, but new relationships were forged throughout the company. True organizational cross-pollination had taken place.

HOT Tip 5. Investing in high-performance teams takes commitment and work, but high-performance teams can shift your success into high gear.

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