Ten HOT Tips for Success 8. Provide employees a system within which to work


As we mentioned in the last blog post, knowing that work is worth doing fuels the fires of enthusiasm to excel. But once the fires are burning, how do you harness that energy and direct it toward your organizational goals?

Simply put, it takes a system.

If you want your team members to excel, it takes a system that gives them clear plans, tools, targets and rewards.  Without a system the fires of enthusiasm will eventually burn out or worse, produce a deep, burning sense of frustration.

Whether you realize it or not, every member of your team needs positive answers to the following questions in order to do their job to the best of their ability:

  • Can I bring my creativity and individuality to bear on the enterprise, or am I just here to fill a slot in an established process?
  • Does it matter what unique gifts I bring to the company, or am I just putting round pegs in round holes?
  • Am I allowed to innovate, to think for myself about how to improve the processes and performance of my job?
  • Can I collaborate with others in the organization?
  • Do I have the power to make the work here my own?

A clearly defined system can answer all of these questions in a positive way.

At Pitsco, the HOT Plan is our system to assure employee success. Because the HOT Plan clearly communicates company priorities, invites employees to help create targets and rewards employees for hitting them, our team members flourish.

Inspire your team with stories and experiences that show the worth of their work, give them a strong system to accomplish it and reward them when they succeed – then move out of the way.  You chose the best people when you hired them; now watch as their intelligence and skills make your company great.

For more about the HOT Plan system and how it can transform your dreams into sustainable success, pick up a copy of my new book, The HOT Plan™, now available here in eBook, softcover, and color hardback versions. For special bulk pricing (10 or more books), please visit www.pitsco.com/The_Hot_Plan. Follow us on Twitter @thehotplan or FaceBook, or visit  www.thehotplan.com for more details about The HOT Plan™.

Hot Tip 8. The HOT Plan provides employees a system that both attains and sustains success.

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