Ten HOT Tips for Success 6. Increase Purpose to Increase Ownership


Progressive CEOs want employees to have a firm grip on the power and the purpose of their work.

These type of CEOs know intuitively that a clear view of purpose is not only what is best for employees, but also what is best for the company. Highly-engaged employees share a sense of ownership for their work that is based on purpose; in fact, studies show that ownership, purpose and engagement go hand-in-hand.

How can employees’ sense of ownership and purpose be increased? One simple way is to see or experience the end results of their work. . . like the day we took over 50 employees on a road trip to St Louis, Missouri.

We left on a chartered bus in the wee hours of the morning just before sunrise to attend the FIRST Championship, an international robotics competition for school-age kids.

Students from all over the world gathered in St. Louis that day to compete in robotics competitions. Pitsco’s TETRIX robotics sets were the design platform of choice among many of the competitors. It was a high energy atmosphere, full of excitement, with a rock concert to boot. But what mattered most to Pitsco employees was not the high-energy excitement.

A simple road trip allowed our employees a face-to-face encounter with the purpose and power of their work.

The quiet miracles of discovery and the harmony that grew as kids shared technology and let personal differences fade away were matters of considerable significance. But what mattered most was the pride and increased self-confidence that the kids gained as they used Pitsco products to help them win their competitions.

When the bus finally returned home that night, 50 sleepy employees came back changed.

The desire for purpose is at the foundation of what it means to be human, as real as the desire to feel love. What can you do to bring your employees face-to-face with the purpose and power of their work?

HOT TIP 6. Purpose is the cornerstone of your company culture; increase your employees’ sense of purpose and you will increase their ability to take ownership of their work.

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