HOT Tips for Success: #2: Adapt quickly.


The sky was the limit during our entrepreneurial days at Pitsco, Inc.

The culture of Pitsco was full of energy. Our vision drew creative, smart teachers like a magnet; teachers who deeply desired to inspire learners with engaging new experiences.

Collaboration was our mode of operation. Teachers and students across the nation loved our hands-on educational projects like CO2 powered dragsters and water-bottle rockets. These type of hands-on activities combined fun with learning and soon translated into a whole new curriculum for science and technology. The results were spectacular. Overnight, Pitsco’s product sales took off.

Our skyrocketing sales brought a new level of success to our company, one we had never experienced before.

But just as skyrocketing sales brought us to the brink of runaway success, they also challenged us with the potential to fail.

RD_Adapt_Clock_1015There was so much demand we could hardly keep up. It seemed we needed an experienced person to retool our organizational structure and show us how to keep up with the demand, so I hired an expert. Unfortunately, this had an unexpected result.

The expert I hired set out to create a more efficient company with hierarchical structures. Collaboration became a thing of the past as decisions were handed down from the top. Our creative employees felt they had lost their voice, and some said they were losing hope. Many claimed it felt like Pitsco, the company they loved, was slowly drifting away from them. Rumor had it that key employees had started looking for jobs. Unless we adapted quickly, our very success threatened to undo the company. There was no time to lose; it was simply time to adapt.

Adapting quickly is an essential skill in life. But in business, adapting quickly is sometimes a matter of survival.

I adapted quickly by taking action. I let the efficiency expert go, took back the reins of my company and asked how can we adapt? I remembered the track team I had coached as a young teacher and the lessons we learned that took us to victory. Could the same HOT Plan ideas that saved our track team now help save our business? We gave it a try and sustainable, unprecedented growth was ours.

HOT Tip 2. When something isn’t working, don’t hesitate. Adapt quickly.

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