Not just about millennials


When you imagine an ideal culture for your workplace, what comes to mind?

Do you give your employees the opportunity to do more than fill a slot, perform a task and/or  take home a paycheck?

Do your employees have the opportunity to be essential? To work together, in teams? To achieve shared goals? To be remarkable?

“Great bosses hire motivated people, set high expectations and give their people room to be remarkable,” says author/teacher Seth Godin in his book Linchpin. I would have to agree.

Workers today have a deep longing to be more than a cog in the machine; they long to use their unique gifts at work, to “create art” as Godin says; they long to be remarkable.

The desire to be remarkable is not just about millennials. Workers of all ages today feel it more than ever. To adapt and provide their best at work, studies reveal that both millennials and non-millennials in today’s culture seek the following:

  • Input in how to best get their work done successfully
  • A fully human sense of community that goes beyond the tasks at hand
  • Flexible work culture to promote better work/life balance (even if it means less pay or slower career promotions)
  • The best and most current technology
  • Rewards and regular appreciation
  • Coaching and support from supervisors
  • Ongoing career training
  • A team atmosphere around stated goals

Making these kinds of workplace culture changes may sound expensive or complicated. But it all begins with one simple and very affordable strategy: Listening.

Be the manager, the supervisor, the CEO who listens. Probe. Take time and energy to get to know your people, and stay connected.

Listen, and be remarkable.

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