Free rocket fuel for your best year ever

Ever wonder who first coined the phrase Knowledge is Power?

This oft quoted phrase was first written, near as I can tell, by British philosopher Sir Francis Bacon in 1597. The first version of this saying went something like this: “ipsa scientia potestas est“, which is Latin for Knowledge itself is power.

But as much as I like Bacon’s quote, I like the updated version just a little better. The more modern version, coined by American Sociologist Robert Staughton Lynd (1892-1970), says it this way: Knowledge is power only if man knows what facts not to bother with. Can you relate?

Knowledge is power for your business success; in fact the right knowledge can be the “rocket fuel” that launches you to the next level.

To get to the “rocket fuel”, however, means sifting through countless studies and separating the good stuff from the “facts not to bother with.”  This takes time.

Free Rocket Fuel

In today’s post I want to save you some time by sharing a shortlist of best sources we have recently gleaned from across the web. Power up your best year ever with this free rocket fuel;  this knowledge can give you an almost unfair advantage in 2016.


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