The HOT Plan™: Targeting Success

It happened again just the other day. “So, what do you do at Pitsco?” a new acquaintance asked me at a networking event. He was just making small talk, but there I was again, facing my eternal conundrum. These types

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The HOT Plan™ : Beyond quality control: Positive Accountability

I like to see the good in people. It’s my belief that most people truly want to do a good job. Maybe some people are motivated to do a good job because they see their work as a reflection of

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The HOT Plan™: Expect the Unexpected

If there’s one thing you can expect in business, it’s the unexpected. Chance meetings , market shifts, natural disasters or a runaway stock market – when the unexpected lands on your plate, are you prepared to seize the opportunity in

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The HOT Plan™: Toys, Entitlement or Culture? Part 2

With an overflowing box of employee benefits designed to help companies compete for top talent today, the question arises: how do you cultivate great workplace culture without simultaneously creating a culture of entitlement? We found the answer to this question by asking

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The HOT Plan™: Toys, Entitlement or Culture? Part 1

How do you create great workplace culture without simultaneously creating a culture of entitlement? There is scarcely a hotter topic in business today than workplace culture. Interest in culture is fueled by many forces, among them the rising demands of

The HOT Plan™: Targeting Above-and-Beyond Productivity.

Above and Beyond. What does it really mean?  What does it mean to your business? To some, it means to exceed what a particular job requires, to reach new heights in productivity. To others, it means to innovate, to pioneer

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The HOT Plan™: The Scope of HOT Targets.

It takes four kinds of HOTs to keep things moving toward success. When we started the HOT Plan program, we revised our existing goals with the precision of targets and set out on our great new adventure. It quickly became

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The HOT Plan™: What’s the Point?

If there’s hard work to be done, make a game of it. Top teachers, coaches and smart parents live by this creed. HOT Targets, too, are kind of a game. They operate with a bull’s eye, deadlines, points and rewards.

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The HOT Plan™: Elephant, anyone?

General Creighton Abrams began his distinguished military career in World War II, continued as a General and commander in Vietnam, and eventually became Chief of Staff for the United States Army.  Abrams’ exceptional ability was recognized early by General George S. Patton.

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The Hot Plan™: The secret sauce in your Ethos

Ethos. Now that’s an intriguing word. Ethos is defined as the spirit of a culture; the underlying values that inform the beliefs and practices of a group; the dominant assumptions that motivate their aspirations and guide their plans. If your company desires

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