Hi, I’m Harvey Dean, the founder and CEO of Pitsco, Inc., a Midwestern company that has global impact in the field of education. Pitsco is the leader in STEM education, innovative hands-on educational products and curriculum. Over its 40-year history, Pitsco has served over 175 million teachers and students in 53 countries and all 50 of the United States. Because of Pitsco, millions of kids and teachers are excited about engaging in learning, and for that I am grateful.

But as exciting as Pitsco’s accomplishments are to me, there is something more. Behind my commitment to Pitsco’s success lies a deeper passion.

My deeper passion is a desire to see individuals and organizations reach their full potential. In my experiences as a track coach, a teacher and as an entrepreneur/CEO, I developed and implemented a process that maximizes potential and success in every context. Whether used in the workplace, in a service organization or in education, it is safe to say that this process – called The HOT Plan™ – is a game changer.



My Content

Harvey_Alex_1015In my blog, I write about how to bring your business, organization, classroom or team to new levels of success.

My posts are intended to shake-up traditional leadership thinking in some ways. Posts will also give tips proven to unlock the full potential of those with whom you work or coach. The HOT Plan™ will maximize your team’s ability to reach shared goals. But once and awhile – and here’s a heads up – these posts may take a little detour off topic. I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride; I promise, it will be a good one!

Many of the insights shared here will come from my book, The HOT Plan™, which is currently in the production process. The HOT Plan™ is a complete system of organizing work in ways that multiply productivity across the board.

Extraordinary achievement is possible when you implement methods that engage the full potential of your associates. Remember that ultimately your success and happiness begins when your people achieve their goals, their targets.



My Biography

I was that kid in high school.

I was that kid who makes (most) people smile and always seems to figure out his or her own way of learning. Today, schools would label me a nontraditional learner, but at the time, some of my teachers just called me trouble. If it hadn’t been for a high school shop teacher who took me under his wing, I might have been a high school drop-out.

My first year of teaching I coached a new boys track team in one of the poorest school districts in Oklahoma. Our first year was abysmal. However, failure brought a search for new ways of coaching. After getting some advice from Bob Timmons, the legendary coach of Jim Ryun, I developed a process of training that turned the team around. Within three years, our boys had won numerous medals, track meets, and placed as runners up for the state championship.

After starting the company Pitsco, Inc. with a couple of teacher friends, my career in education took a different course. Pitsco began as a small education company that supplied kits for hands-on learning in science and technology. When we applied the same processes that had helped my track boys becomes winners to classroom curriculum, the company took off. Learning came alive for kids through our Synergistic Systems curriculum, and today Pitsco’s STEM Modules and activities help students excel in ways that were formerly not an option for them. Later, there was a third application of these processes, perhaps the most successful of all. At a critical time in the growth of Pitsco, I applied these processes to our way of getting things done. Employee engagement increased and productivity multiplied. All of this is explained in my upcoming book, The HOT Plan™.

Pitsco’s work has won many awards over the years. Our bright and creative staff continues to create benchmark STEM education solutions in robotics, curriculum, and education-workforce partnerships between school districts and regional industries. But the highly engaged and adaptive team-leadership culture that drives our success is a direct result of The HOT Plan™.



My Family

One of my favorite times each year is the DFM (the Dean Family Meeting). The whole crew come together for great food, great fun, and a bit of sharing about our individual goals and plans with each other. Here is a photo from one of our latest DFMs.Dean_family_2015